The Dean Goods Project

The Dean Goods Project is a project aimed at rebuilding one of the 2301 Class using new and original parts where possible. 


The Dean Goods, aka 2301 Class was one of the most widely used pre-nationalisation steam engines in the country but now there’s only one left, and she has been at STEAM in Swindon for 13 years of her time in preservation, lifeless as a static exhibit, and has been so for her entire preservation life, never having steamed since her being saved. 

The 2301 class weren't built to inspire or to amaze with dazzling looks or streamlining or anything like that, they were built purely to function as regular locos, used in War and Peacetime and yet there seems to be a hell of a lot of interest in having one in steam. We would like to see this come true!

Few GWR classes have no surviving examples, and this isn't one of them - but to be fair, most of the modern classes that we don't have any of left are all having new builds done. But so few GWR classes, if even ANY others, have never steamed in preservation. The Dean hasn't, and she's trapped, probably forever. We want to build a new one, one that differs from 2516, a new breed of Dean Goods, and one that hasn’t seen preservation.


It’s going to be no mean feat but, the interest is there, and not only that, it's spreading. Now WE want in, and to get as many others involved as possible. The funds necessary could probably be raised in their entirety within the next 10-15 years if there was little if any input - if we got things going seriously then who knows how quickly it could happen.

What do you reckon? You never know - as pipe-dream-esque as it sounds, YOU could be part of the driving force behind the new build project, one that would lead to this rare breed moving under its own steam for the first time since 1957! Help this young team take to the preservation world and realise the potential of this amazingly ordinary class! Help us bring Dean’s workhorse to life!

Thank you,
Andy Stovold
Project Chairman

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